Seeding the now forming the mold for the future.

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Aquarian Principles for the Now are the new guidelines for humanity, which are inherent within each of us.  These principles are the Ageless Wisdom Teachings that are being translated into everyday universal language seeding the Now, forming the mold for the future.  These principles are key to this series.  This paradigm shift requires us to be in the Now and have a listening ear to our own inner guidance.  Much is still unknown about the new paradigm. An open heart and willingness to participate in the unfolding times allows us to be the co-creators of this new era we are meant to be.  Group work is key to this series just as it is key to complete the tasks that are needed for this transformation and seeding for humanity.


This series is designed for self-discovery and celebration of self, awakening the participants to new levels of inner knowing and awareness thru experiential participation.  The new rhythms and vibrations of the Aquarian Age are calling us to participate and we are going thru a recalibration of our energy fields, physical, mental and emotional to align with these new energies.  This series provides opportunities to participate in these new rhythms thru sounds, movement, creative activities and sharing in a group.  Practices will be given for participants to use in their every day life to further anchor these new frequencies. 


In this series you will:

  1. Know yourself thru spirit/soul

  2. Create new practices and participation that up lifts and supports you

  3. Know your truth and heart desires

  4. Open to your soul its desires/inspirations

  5. Participate in a group process to gain an awareness of the qualities you bring to the group from a soul and personality perspective.


This is a practical experiential series for the beginning or advanced participant designed to assist the individual to move at their own pace.  This is for the participant desiring a shift to living a more integrated soulful life putting awareness into practice, clearing blocks that no longer serve and having a deeper living (soul connected) spiritual practice.


This is a two part series.  Series I will be presented in 6 all day workshops throughout the year, every other month on a Saturday from 8:00 am - 3:30 pm.  There will be a required personal energy commitment to the entire series, the practices and the assignments as integration and group work requires this for vibrational shift and creation.  If unable to attend a session the participant will be required to reach out to the other participants and Cheryl to get the assignment and information received.

Series I Classes

  1. Introduction:  Planet Earth and the human evolutionary process 

  2. Exploration of the physical, emotional and mental bodies thru the use of color, sound and vibration

  3. Physical awakening and practices (Red)

  4. Emotional awakening and practices (Blue)

  5. Mental awakening and practices (Yellow)

  6. Synthesis and integration








Cave Creek, Arizona



$660.00 - (2x $330.00 installments made at 1st & 4th session)

© Cheryl Pederson
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