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Body Harmonics - Jon Pederson

In my study of spiritual teachings over the past 30 plus years, much of my time has been focused on understanding the "Energy" aspect of Life. I studied Sound, Color & Vibration and received a degree from William David at the Esoteric Philosophy Center in Houston, TX as well as completing advanced workshops in Energy Healing in Sedona, AZ. I also received a certification in Hypnotherapy from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix, AZ.  Recently I received certification in Esoteric Healing from Dr. Mikio Sankey in Boulder, CO.


An understanding emerged as I began doing energy work. First, all things in life exist in musical waves of energy consciousness. Second, all things in life exist in a collective state. Third, we are extensions from our Soul.


Body Harmonics, Esoteric Healing & Encoding Patterns 

Awakens One to Higher States of Consciousness!

Body Harmonics is a system I created utilizing light and sound energies in the form of melodies for the purpose of clearing and balancing a person's Energy Field’s, Chakra’s & Aura. Like a musician tuning their instrument, I help tune your body with high frequency sound and light energy, working in partnership with my Soul and yours. I bring through intuitive information and understanding.


This work assists you in balancing your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual bodies, as well as clearing issues rooted in present or even past lifetimes. I recently completed a certification program in Esoteric Healing created by Dr. Mikio Sankey, utilizing New Encoding Patterns.  This system helps one connect with the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of the Universe or ones Higher Power.


When we open up our hearts and our desires to connect to the higher realms, we seek out such modalities as meditation, going within, discovering our own inner wisdom.  My work with Body Harmonics & these New Encoding Patterns helps do just that.  It also promotes the release of old encoded attitudes held within the bodies cellular & DNA structures, exchanging them for New Encoded attitudes, awareness & beliefs for the energy times we find ourselves in today.


This work unfolds organically, in other words, this process unfolds over time.   


Body Harmonics

This work assists you in balancing, your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. This allows you to connect to the higher realms and soul continum, clearing out issues rooted in present and past life situations.  Body Harmonics is about engaging the musicality of the soul so a more heartfelt connection can take place.  


Body Harmonic Sessions are 1.5 hour sessons

Cost: $110 or a commitment of 3 Session for at $80 per session/$240 Total

Transitional Therapy

Transitional Therapy Jon completed a certification program in Esoteric Healing, utilizing New Encoding Patterns. This system helps you open your Etheric heart to connect to the higher realms and connect with your soul in a new way. He calls this work Transitional Therapy as it promotes the release of old encoded attitudes and exchanges them for new awareness and patterns for the present time allowing for new opportunities in your life.  Intuitive information is also given in the sessions for further clarification of your journey. 


Transitional Therapy Session: are 1.5 hour sessions

Cost: $110

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