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Qualifications to Be Co-Creators


  1. Must be able to look at ones self, naked in the mirror, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with love and openness – Willing Exposure/Soulful Perspective

  2. Must be able to fall on ones face and pick ones self up again – dancing as you do – Active Participation with Soul

  3. Must be willing to try, try, try again, regarding ones

    passions – Perseverance


  4. Must have an open heart with self – Compassion, Self Love


  5. Must be able to face one’s lessons with grace,

    humor – Synthesis


  6. Must not take one’s self too seriously – Humor, Soul Perspective


  7. Must be able to laugh at oneself – Understanding


  8. Must be able to let go of concern regarding what others think – Self Confidence


  9. Must be able to play – Lightness


  10. Must be able to let go of control frequently – Surrender to Soul


  11. Must be willing to be the Fool – Soul Inspired



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