Awakening - A Whole New World

A Lecture/Meditation Series with Cheryl and Jon Pederson

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We invite you to join us as we share our awareness regarding the energies of the current times we are in and the potential and opportunity for all to awaken to a new self. We will share about the crisis of change, the signs and symptoms of the transition. How to adjust and adapt and stay in hope and not get caught in fear.  How to be a co-creator in the change.


Our time together will include sound, meditation and sharing. Please join us to envision the NEW  World.


Awakening Lecture Series:

  • Spirituality in the New Paradigm

  • Parenting in the New Paradigm

  • Physical/Health, Emotions and the Soul Connection, Mental/Education in the New Paradigm

  • Creating Magic Out of Chaos

Place:  Cave Cree, AZ - Call for Location & Directions

Time:  TBA 

RSVP:  602-670-6106 or