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Awakening Lecture & Workshop, Soul Readings & Intuitive Consultations

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Awakening - A Whole New World
with Cheryl Pederson


Humanity is moving into a new phase – Graduating to a new level – A whole new world! These times are called the Age of Aquarius.  Not the version we saw in the 60’s (a seeding time for the now) but today’s 2016 version.  A time of renewal and a recharge for the family of humanity.  A time to get back to our purpose of being here on Earth, to reconnect with ourselves, humanity and all the beings on Earth (mineral, plant, animal).


These times are not unlike being relocated for a new job, the aftermath a natural disaster, or for a new relationship.  Imagine the last time you moved and the upheaval and chaos you felt until you became settled.  Now imagine that everyone on the planet is moving all at the same time.  Wow, what an intense time.  We cannot go back to the old and it will take time to adjust to the new but remember what you have been desiring for yourself and the planet.   Have you been dreaming of a better tomorrow? A simpler more peaceful way of being? A new way of relating to one another with an honoring for all?  Major change creates the chaos of clearing the old and creating the new.  The NEW is coming step by step.  We are all important to this creative journey.


This workshop series is designed to bring

     1.  Clarity out of confusion

     2.  Connecting out of aloneness

     3.  Hope and inspiration out of chaos

     4.  New growth out of all the changes

     5.  Understanding out of intolerance

     6.  Simplicity and peace out of the loss of the old


This is a practical experiential series for the beginning or advanced participant designed to assist the individual to move at their own pace.  This is for the participant desiring a shift to living a more integrated soulful life putting awareness into practice, clearing blocks that no longer serve and having a deeper living (soul connected) spiritual practice.

Series 1 Class    

  1. Introduction:  Planet Earth and the human evolutionary process

  2. Exploration of the physical, emotional and mental bodies thru the use of color, sound and vibration

  3. Physical awakening and practices (Red)

  4. Emotional awakening and practices (Blue)

  5. Mental awakening and practices (Yellow)

  6. Synthesis and integration






October 21st Lecture 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm – Lecture:       Planet Earth and the human evolutionary process October 22nd Workshop 8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Introduction: Planet Earth and the human evolutionary process.  (Please bring your own lunch) Dates for the next part of the series will be determined at the October workshop. 

Now & Zen Yoga Studio

305 East Main Street, Crescent City, IL 60928

$10.00 for the lecture only. (Included if registered for the workshop)
$110.00 for the workshop if paid by October 8th.

$125.00 for workshop after October 8th.

Call 480-585-6990 or

Space is limited so please register early. 

Soul Readings
with Cheryl Pederson

Cheryl is a Soul Communicator.  Her soul is trained in gathering information from soul records and transmitting this information for the purpose of increased awareness and soul evolution.  She provides an opportunity for an open dialogue with one’s soul.  


Information that can be accessed:

•    Origin of One’s Soul and Soul Group 

•    Soul Color & Vibration

•    Personality Lessons (design & purpose of current lifetime)

•    Connecting With Those Who Have Transitioned To The Other Side (for purpose of clarification)

Information varies according to the need at the time of reading.

Soul Readings:  $175.00 – 1 ½ hour recorded session

Intuitive Consultations:  $100.00 – 45 minute recorded session     


Cheryl will be in Crescent City, IL and available for readings October 21st - 24th 2016 at the Now & Zen Yoga Studio.  To schedule an appointment contact Cheryl via e-mail at or call her at 480-585-6990.  To contact Cheryl when she is in Crescent City please call 602-670-6106.  To learn more about Cheryl visit   If you miss Cheryl during her visit Readings and Intuitive Consultations are available by phone. 

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