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Creating and Thriving in the Chaos of Change
Lecture & Meditation 

with Cheryl & Jon Pederson


Do you feel you are pedaling as fast as you can and yet more is needed from you?


Are you concerned about the state of the world and the direction it is headed?


Are you confused about what your next step is?


We invite you to join us as we share our awareness regarding the energies of the current times we are in and the potential and opportunity for all to awaken to a new self. We will share about the crisis of change, the chaos it creates, the signs and symptoms of the transition, how to adjust, adapt and stay in hope and be a co-creator in the change.


Magic is our ability to work with our soul's energy and the universal energy to create what we need and desire.  We are the co-creators of our future and it is time to surrender to our soul, learning to listen and trust our soul and allowing the Magic to happen.


Cheryl and Jon have worked with a system of sound, color and vibration for over 30 years.  They are pioneers and teachers of the new paradigm helping usher in the Aquarian Age.  Our time together will include sound, meditation, and sharing to unite, clarify and harmonize.
Please join us to envision the NEW World.

Abraham Lincoln said, ‘” The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  

Date:      June 9th, 2017

Time:      7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:     Healing Connection Wellness Centre  - 10548 - 115th                   Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5H3K6

Cost:       $25.00 USD


For RSVP or questions call 602-670-6106 or email

Soul Readings
with Cheryl Pederson

Cheryl is a Soul Communicator.  Her soul is trained in gathering information from soul records and transmitting this information for the purpose of increased awareness and soul evolution.  She provides an opportunity for an open dialogue with one’s soul. 


Information that can be accessed:

  • Origin of One’s Soul and Soul Group

  • Soul Color & Vibration

  • Personality Lessons (design & purpose of current lifetime)

  • Connecting With Those Who Have Transitioned To The Other Side (for purpose of clarification)

Soul Readings:  $150.00 USD– 1 ½ hour recorded session

Intuitive Consultations:  $100.00 USD – 1 hour recorded session        

Information varies according to the need at the time of reading.  Readings will be emailed in MP4 format via Hightail.


Special Edmonton Opportunity

  • Cheryl will be in Edmonton, Alberta and available for readings June 9th-12th, 2017 at Whole Health Center 10203-121St Edmonton, Alberta. 

  • To schedule an appointment contact Cheryl via e-mail at or call her at 480-585-6990.  To contact Cheryl when she is in Edmonton please call 602-670-6106. 

To learn more about Cheryl visit   If you miss Cheryl during her visit Readings and Intuitive Consultations are available by phone. 

Body Harmonics & Transitional Therapy
with Jon Pederson

Body Harmonics is a system Jon created utilizing light and sound energies in the form of melodies for the purpose of clearing and balancing a person's Energy Field’s. Like a musician tuning their instrument, he helps tune your body with sound and light. He brings through intuitive information and insights for current life situations.  


“Body Harmonics is about engaging the Musicality of the Soul

so a more Heart felt connection can take place.”


Transitional Therapy Jon completed a certification program in Esoteric Healing, utilizing New Encoding Patterns. This system helps you open your Etheric heart to connect to the higher realms and connect with your soul in a new way. He calls this work Transitional Therapy as it promotes the release of old encoded attitudes and exchanges them for new awareness and patterns for the present time allowing for new opportunities in your life.  Intuitive information is also given in the sessions for further clarification of your journey. 

Body Harmonics Session:  $100.00 (USD) - 1 ½ hour session

Transitional Therapy Session: $100.00 (USD) - 1 ½ hour session


Special Edmonton Opportunity

  • Jon will be in Edmonton and available for sessions June 9th through June 12th, 2017 at

       Whole Health Center 10203-121 St Edmonton, Alberta. 

  • To schedule an appointment contact Jon via e-mail at or call him at 602-301-5076. 

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