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The Divine Principles of  the Now/New For
The Family Of Humanity

  1. Seek not answers, seek (soul) self.

  2. Limitations of the past are the fruits of tomorrow.

  3. Genuine participation leads to results

    (Purposeful Participation).

  4. Loving self creates abundance.

  5. Worth of the Now is limited only by belief. Courage to step into the unknown creates an open pathway.

  6. Growth occurs when darkness turns to light through participation.

  7. Knowing is limited if there is no experiencing.

  8. Transformation requires limited time for regrets, blame and boredom.

  9. Only in the Now can things truly change.

  10. Where there is no peace of heart there is no release/relief.

  11. Know Self • Seek Self • Be Self.

  12. Only in the Now can all needs be met.

    We have given you here the divine principles that are needed to create the New/Now.  Let them guide the way knowing they will reveal what you have sought in so many lifetimes.  It is here and Now – Know and Go.

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