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Presented by Cheryl Pederson

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Please join me for my newest webinar series.  This will be a four-part monthly webinar series, that will help you understand your Soul process and personality in order to activate a deeper soul connection for the purpose of creating and serving. 


The Aquarian Age is here, the age of living from the inside out, listening to our Souls calling and co-creating the way for Humanity. You have long prepared for this time and you bring invaluable gifts to be shared.  Your Soul and Soul group are here for you and inspiring you from the inside out following your inner guidance and truth.


I have created this Webinar Series to assist you with deepening your Soul connection and with the transition from the Old paradigm, a living from the outside in time, to the New paradigm living from the inside out time. Understanding your soul and soul groups vibrational energy and composition can provide great clarity on this human journey, enabling you to see your life journey from a soul perspective rather than a human one. Learning to work with your Soul and Soul Group provides even greater opportunities and energy support.  Listening and living from your inner truth and guidance on a new level. 


It is my joy and passion to assist individuals in the understanding of their journeys from a Soul perspective.  One of my Soul gifts is my ability to be a Soul translator and communicator providing a clear link to your Soul for the purpose of understanding, clarity and support on your journey.  In this webinar series I will guide and teach you start becoming your own Soul translator and deepen your soul connection and guidance by listening to your soul on a deeper level.  A process that is key to living in the Aquarian Age. 


Key Learnings from this Webinar Series:

  • Understand the qualities/gifts of your soul and soul group

  • Learn the color, sound and vibrational frequency of your soul  

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the process of Soul and personality 

  • Learn about the energy patterns your soul designed you with designed by looking at these aspects with astrology and numerology.

  • Guidelines for the Aquarian Age/ New Paradigm 


There will be assignments given for participants to work on between webinars.  These assignments are for integration and synthesis of work and information shared.  Jean Tinder says, “It still surprises me that no matter how clearly I know something it must be lived out and actually experienced in order to be real. “ 


A commitment to all 4 webinars in the series is required. 

Webinar Series Dates





Coming Soon

Zoom Webinar – Link to join will be provided


12:00 p.m. 


$360.00 for the four-part (4) webinar — payment must be made by April 9th, 2021.  


To RSVP please call Cheryl at 602-670-6106 or email

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