A Day To Connect With Our Creativity And Find The Magic In Life

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We are at the beginning of a whole new world, a time of great opportunities as we learn to navigate the chaos of change and become the co-creators we are meant to be. This is a workshop to help you navigate these changes, clarify your purpose, and connect with your soul on a deeper level. It is time we all learn to create Magic in our lives, to be the co-creators and what better day to start this journey than April Fools’ Day the day of the Magician.  The Magician surrenders to soul and makes what seems impossible possible.


Soul connecting is key to our creativity and creating the Magic in our lives. Magic is our ability to work with our souls energy and the universal energy to create what we need and desire.  We are the co-creators of our future and it is time to be the FOOL by surrendering to our soul, learning to listen and trust our soul and allowing the Magic to happen.


Abraham Lincoln said, ‘” The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  This workshop will help you clarify and take steps to predict/create your future. It is time to create our own magic and tell our stories, to be the co-creator of our NOW.  This workshop will be a day of creativity, music, sound, meditation and practices to create Magic in your life.


  • Learn to turn the chaos of change into Magic through creativity.

  • Reconnect with your hearts desires/inspirations.

  • Clarify your purpose and envision the steps you will take.

  • Gather understanding of the ABC’s of the New Paradigm.

  • Strengthen your intuition and ability to listen to your soul.

  • Learn to Seed your new cycle thru practices.

Soul Connecting Workshop 











Cave Creek, AZ- Call for location information and directions




*The cost of the workshop includes supplies.

To RSVP call 480-585-6990.  Please go to our website for further information by visiting: