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A Soul Connecting Workshop

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The Time is NOW! The Age of Aquarius is here and the energies have dramatically shifted requiring many adjustments, expansions and lettings. Our Souls are calling us to the next step on our journey.  The Time Is NOW workshop is designed to support you with all these changes. It is designed to help you clear the old, BE in the Simplicity of the Now, find your Truth in the Now and to Listen to your soul on a deeper level. 


The workshop will be experienced in the sacred spot we are creating in the desert including our 8 Path Infinity Labyrinth. We have created this sacred spot on Mother Earth for these times to help us connect as above so below, meaning connecting with our souls as we participate here on Mother Earth.  We will also energetically support Mother Earth and humanity during this experience. 


We are the co-creators of this new age, Aquarius. When we align with our soul and participate with our gifts we support and pioneer this new paradigm. Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it. 


Please join us as we spend time with Mother Earth, connecting on a deeper level with ourselves through  purposeful reflection, deeper soul connection and  returning to our essence. 


A day to refresh, replenish and renew by: 

  1. Clearing your energy by slowing down and stepping into the NOW.

  2. Connecting through your senses, listening to yourself and your soul.

  3. Breathing into Mother Earth and hearing her message.

  4. Spending time in silence to hear yourself/ your truth.

  5. Allowing for yourself in the simplicity of the moment.

  6. Gaining insight into your next steps.

  7. Understanding the power of simplicity and stillness

  8. Understanding how Being Your Truth supports you and the planet and humanity.  

Soul Connecting Workshop 


April 23, 2022





8am - 12:30pm



Cave Creek, AZ - Call for directions - This is an outdoor event, please dress accordingly + wear comfortable shoes



RSVP: By April 18, 2022
602-670-6106 or email

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