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Jon designed the Infinity 8 Path Labyrinth on paper first and then created his design on the earth.  Labyrinths have been sacred spaces for thousands of years and are symbols for wholeness and metaphors for our journeys here on earth. They help us go deep inside and return to the outer world with increased awareness. 


Our Infinity 8 Path Labyrinth has been created specifically for the times we are in, The Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Age here on planet Earth is a time of expanded awareness and deeper connections with our own soul journey. These times are limitless, endless and boundless. The true definitions of Infinity. The number 8 represents “As Above, So Below”. Walking the Infinity 8 Path Labyrinth with purpose and intention helps you connect on a deeper level with your soulful infinity (as above), your potential and is a space to ground (so below) your inspirations. 


We will be offering labyrinth events at the beginning of each season:  Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. These experiences will allow you to connect and set intentions for the coming cycle.   We will also offer other special events, workshops and individual walks utilizing the labyrinth’s energy as we are inspired to do so. 


*Please RSVP no later than the day before the labyrinth event by texting or emailing me.  You may pay through the purchase link below or upon arrival at the event. RSVP is requested. 

First time participants: please contact Cheryl prior to purchasing for brief discussion.


Cave Creek, AZ

(Call for directions)


Spring Equinox  

March 24, 2023

Summer Solstice

June 25, 2023

Fall Equinox

Sept 24, 2023


Winter Solstice

& Festival of Lights (TBD)


Special Event Labyrinth (TBD)


602-670-6106 or

$15 (per event)


We have been envisioning and energetically building this labyrinth for many years.  We have collected rocks from many places on the planet and we are ready to share this transformative energy space with you. Please accept our invitation to join us to walk, connect, and awaken in this special place on the planet.  

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