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Join me for a monthly zoom gathering to understand and explore the energies of the NOW/ The Age of Aquarius, gain insight into the principles that govern these times and clarity into your role as a lightworker. 


We will meet the first Thursday of the month beginning January 5th, 2023. 


The 2023 gathering will be offered in two series and a 6 month commitment is required for each series. Series I is January through June and Series II is July through December. The deeper commitment is needed to establish the group energy for our role as lightworkers and pioneers in the Aquarian Age. 


2023 is bringing in many new opportunities for you on your soul journey. You have been born for these times, you are ready and your gifts are needed to create the NEW. Join me to gain insights into navigating these energies and bringing out your creative soulful energies. 


We will explore the energies and rhythms of the month ahead and look at current world energies through the eyes of the soul. I will share Strategies to navigate and thrive with the energies of the NOW. This gathering is created to help you deepen your soul connection and participation.


Some of the topics to be discussed over the coming months are


  1. Learning to navigate the NEW/NOW and its power. 

  2. Learning the keys to being PRESENT.

  3.  Creating the magic and synchronicity of soul in your life. 

  4. Understanding the multiple realities of humanity.

  5. Changing knowing into Being to serve the light of your soul. 

  6. Answering questions you have about these times and your role.

  7. Working as a group for world service. 


Cost: $120.00
per series of 6 Webinars

(a six month commitment is required. Series I start 1/5/23 and Series II starts 7/6/23)   

First time participants: please contact Cheryl prior to purchase for brief discussion.


Please RSVP by paying through the below purchase link. After payment is received a secure zoom link will be emailed to you monthly, which will allow you to join the gathering. 


Zoom (virtual)

Series I Dates:
1st Thursday's

1/5/23, 2/2/23

3/2/23, 4/6/23

5/4/23, 6/1/23

Series I Times:

5-7pm PST

(6-8pm MST, 7-9pm CST,

8-10pm EST)


Series II Dates:
1st Thursday's

7/6/23, 8/3/23

9/7/23, 10/5/23

11/2/23, 12/7/23

Series II Time:

5-7pm PST

(6-8pm MST, 7-9pm CST,

8-10pm EST)


602-670-6106 or


I have been preparing for these times for over 40 years and I am honored and excited to be sharing with you. Please accept my heartfelt invitation to join me on this next adventure. 

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