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Soul Journey Readings



Cheryl is offering Soul Journey Readings at a special rate during March and April 2023.  The deep changes we have all experienced over the past 3-5 years have helped us clear old patterns and energies freeing us to be the co creators of the New Paradigm/ Aquarian Age.   

This springs marks the time of many new beginnings for the planet and humanity.  The energies are ripe for CREATION. 

These readings are focused on your unique path and Soul purpose helping you tune into your own energy and discover on a new level 


        1. What your soul gifts, purpose and opportunities are during these changing times?


        2. What lessons you are being asked to learn and what changes you are needing?


        3. What your next steps are at this time and how to sync with your soul to support you with these steps.  

Special Rate - $100.00 for 60 Minute Recorded Session

(Special rate valid March through April 30, 2023)


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