Soul Journey Readings

It is a time of great change and it is your time to shine and become the Star that you are. We are all being called on to share our gifts and do our part to support this great change into the New Paradigm.

I am offering Soul Journey Readings to help you clarify your Soul Journey during the Paradigm shift we are in. 


These readings are focused on your unique path and Soul purpose helping you tune into your own energy and discover


        1. What your soul gifts, purpose and opportunities are during these changing times?


        2. What lessons you are being asked to learn and what changes you are needing?


        3. What your next steps are at this time and how to sync with your soul? 


4. How can you allow for yourself, flow during this time and Be The Star that you are?  


Special Rate - $110.00 for 60 Minute Recorded Session

(Special rate valid February, 2022 through March 31, 2022)


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